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Questions on order processing

Where will my order be processed?

All orders, regardless of whether you completed over the shop, or by telephone, fax or e-mail to the headquarters or one of our offices in Japan, USA or Great Britain, the orders will be processed in the main office in Schwarmstedt. Here, the seed is stored, and from here, the orders and invoices will be sent.

Do I get pre-packaged seeds?

Temperature and humidity control are vital for the well-being of our inventory. Our seeds are stored according to the species' needs. The company has a wide variety of climate-controlled facilities. An overwhelming percentage of our seeds are packed immediately prior to shipment, only a small number of species can be pre-packaged.

How will my order be put together?

Each order item is weighed manually by the staff in seed bags and sealed. For larger quantities, we use double-stitched fabric bags.

Putting together your goods from various stores adds time to our shipping process, but it ensures the best quality product is shipped to you.

What shall I do if I've forgotten one or more items and I want to add something?

Please contact us. If your order is not shipped yet, and yet no phytosanitary certificate is requested, we can add items.

Jelitto · Seeds of more than 3700 different species and varieties


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