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Latest News and Updates at Jelitto Staudensamen · Perennial Seed · Graines de 雷火电竞es vivaces

01.01.2020 - 30 New Organic Herbs!

New Herbs!

Everybody liked the new white and pink flowering dandelions, so we added more very nice new items to our range of herbs. Verbena 'Brampton', the sacred sage Salvia apiana and the Holy Basil are only three of our new additons to the catalogue 2020/2021.

The organic seed range has also been supplemented with 30 new items. Now you can find the Geneva Bugleweed, the popular Salvia 'Shangri-La' and the Spanish thyme and many more.

You will find all addition to our range here!


07.09.2018 - ISU Award for JELITTO PERENNIAL SEEDS


ISU Award for Echinacea 'Green Twister'


Suceeded in ISU Trial 2018 in Poland


The International Hardy 雷火电竞 Union (ISU) is the organizer of a trial for new breedings of hardy perennials. At the ISU Summer Days 2018 in Poland 10 breeders sent in a total of 121 new perennials. An international commission examines the perennials for winter hardiness, vitality, growth and aesthetics. The Echinacea purpurea 'Green Twister' from JELITTO STAUDENSAMEN GmbH has convinced in trial and has been awarded the ISU Award.

An award of this kind is the successful completion of many years of breeding work. After the discovery of the seedling on a field of crops, the Echinacea was specifically bred to uniform growth and hardiness. The effort for a true seed strain is considerable large. Over a period of several years, suitable 雷火电竞s from constantly new sowings are valuated and selected in outdoor overwintering crops.

We are very happy after so many years of selection of Echinacea 'Green Twister' to receive the ISU Award of the International Hardy 雷火电竞 Union.


Echinacea purpurea 'Green Twister'

Echinacea 'Green Twister' and all other hardy Echinacea species and variaties.

02.02.2017 - Random Browse

New 'RANDOM-BROWSE' Button in the Shop

JELITTO PERENNIAL SEEDS GmbH has an assortment of
3700 hardy perennials, kitchen herbs and ornamental grasses in stock.

We have added a function on our homepage, that makes it quite easy
to explore the large number of species and varieties.
The RANDOM BROWSE will generate a selection of articles and
it will be without great effort to scroll through the images.


17.12.2015 - Gold Nugget Seeds

Quantity Unit changes for JELITTO GOLD NUGGET SEED®!

Please order GOLD NUGGET SEED® in number of seeds only. There are no 1000 seed units prepacked! Each order is weighed individually.
You are welcome to order any amount, ie. 700 seeds or 15 200 seeds. Please bear in mind our minimum quantity per item.
Minimum charge per item 2 € net, price will be rounded up accordingly.


11.05.2015 - Advanced Search

'Advanced Search' improved!

The 'Advanced Search' has been improved. The new button is accesable next to the common search. Check it out!


Advanced Search



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